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   UM-1 Series Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
UM-1 Thickness Gauges
Product Name:  UM-1 Series Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
Model:  UM-1/UM-1D

Application::  UM-1 series ultrasonic thickness gauges is used for measuring Metal and Nonmetal Materials, include Plastic, Steel, PVC and Glass Plates and Pipes. It can be widely used in the fields such as manufacturing and metal processing, etc. It can also make detection on various kinds of pipes and pressure vessels of the manufacturing facilities about their thickness lossing after corrosion.


Brief Introduction:  0.1mm/0.001inch Resolution, 500 Thickness Values can be stored, Alarm Mode, Minium Capture, Two-point Calibration, Automatic V-Path Correction and Thru Painting Function etc.

UM-1 Thickness Gauges
UM-1 Thickness Gauges
UM-1 Thickness Gauges
UM-1 Thickness Gauges
UM-1 Thickness Gauges

UM-1 Series Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges Specifications: 

Display Type 128×64 dot-matrix LCD screen with EL backlight
Operating Principle P-E (pulse-echo), E-E (echo-echo) with dual-crystal probes(Only for UM-1D)
Measuring Range Standard mode: 0.8mm to 300mm, depanding on material and probes
Thru coating mode: 3mm to 20mm with PT-08 probe(Only UM-1D)
Measuring Limits of Tube(Steel) ∮20mm×3.0mm(PT-08 probe)
∮15mm×2.0mm(PT-06 probe)
The measuring error is up to ±0.1mm
Measuring Error Low Limit to 10mm: ±0.1mm
10mm to high limit: ±(1%H+0.1)mm
Repeatability 0.1mm
Display Resolution 0.1mm, 0.001inch
Units inch or mm
Calibration Mode Zero Calibration, Two-point Calibration
V-Path Correction Automatic
Update Rate 4Hz
Velocity Range 1000 to 9999 m/s(0.0394 to 0.3937 in/μs)
Memory Function 500 readings can be stored in 5 groups
Minimum Value Checking Move the probe along the surface of the testing material, the gauge is able to find the thinnest point automatically.
Warning Function If the measured value exceeds the pre-set limit, the warning tone will be start.
Velocity Storage Total 5 different materials velocitiescan be stored.
Languages English and Chinese
Communication Port USB or Serial RS232 Port(Optional)
Application Software UmView software for transmission, storage, analysis and documents editing(Optional)
Power Requirements Two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries(Warning with low battery voltage)
Operating Time Up to 200 hours with alkaline batteries(wihtout backlight)
Instrument Shut-Off AUTO OFF after 5 minutes of inactivity
Operating Temperature -10℃ to +50℃, -20℃ in special requirements
Standard Configuration UM-1 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge,Probe, Instrument Case, Operating Manual, Certification, Pcking List
Optional Accessories Various Probes, Probe Cables, Step Calibration Blocks, Communication Software and Rubber Bumpers.
UM-1 Thickness Gauges
UM-1 Thickness Gauges


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