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   Rechargeable X Ray Flaw Detector
Rechargeable X Ray Flaw Detector
Product Name:  Rechargeable X Ray Flaw Detector
Model:  Rechargeable Type

Application::  Spaceflight Industry, Shipbuilding Industry, Metallurgy Industry, Chemical Industry, Power Supply, Automobiles, Pressure Container, Heavy Machine Manufacturer Industry, Bridge Building Industry, etc.


Brief Introduction:  Integrated large capacity lithium-ion battery park can be exposed for more than 3 hours, adopt waterproof and dustproof switch button.


Features and Specifications of TY-DC100 Charging Controller

★ Integrated large capacity lithium-ion battery park can be exposed for more than 3 hours, adopt waterproof and dustproof switch button.

★ The air duct structure is adopted to completely isolate the internal circuit of the controller, and the internal electrical components will not rust after a long time operation in the dust environment.

★ High frequency boost voltage stabilizing circuit ( more than 20KHZ), imported power components, the mA current fluctuation is less than 0.1% during the X ray release, the voltage fluctuation is less than 0.1%; this is more    conducive to prolong the service life of the generator, reduce the failure rate.

★ The design of non impact starting circuit is adopted, which can not cause the arc discharge and the device failure by the large current impact when the switch is closed and  opened.

★ Stable and reliable intelligent control system, perfect protection function makes the controller failure rate greatly reduced.

★ High working frequency and efficiency, overall operating efficiency ≥ 90%, small internal heating.

Items Specifications
Battery Voltage 100 DC - 135 VDC
Battery Life ≥500 Times
Charger Input Condition 220 AH ± 20%  50HZ   2500VA
Charger Output Condition 135 V/6V
Charging Time 8-10 hours
Controller Size (mm) 420×360×150(L×W×H)
Application Models Suitable for all voltage generators
Controller Weight 16kg(including battery)
Controller Delaying Time 0 - 1 min.
Timing Range and Error 9.9 min.  Error±1%
Working Mode Intermittent Work 1:1  Work 5 min. rest 5 min.
Cooling Forced air cooling


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