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   D Type X Ray Flaw Detector
D Type X Ray Flaw Detector
Product Name:  D Type X Ray Flaw Detector
Model:  D Type

Application::  Spaceflight Industry, Shipbuilding Industry, Metallurgy Industry, Chemical Industry, Power Supply, Automobiles, Pressure Container, Heavy Machine Manufacturer Industry, Bridge Building Industry, etc.


Brief Introduction:  As the first generation products, D Type X Ray Flaw Detector equipped with subminiature controller, which is one of the patened products of our company.

Model XXG/2005D XXG2505D XXG/3005D XXG/3505D
Power Supply 160V - 255V     50 - 60HZ
Power Capacity >1.0KVA >1.5KVA >2.0KVA >2.7KVA
Tube Voltage 100KV-200KV 150KV-250KV 170KV-300KV 220KV-350KV
Tube Current 5mA

X-Ray Generator
Size (mm)Ф×H

φ165×520 φ230×550 φ270×580 φ280×650
φ165×520 φ230×550 φ270×580 φ280×650
X - Ray Beam Cone Angle 40°
40°× 360°
Controller Size(mm) 310×270×115
Controller Weight 9kg
Controller Delaying Time 0 - 1 min.
Timing Range and Error 9.9 min    Minute Error ±1%
Working Mode Intermittent Work 1:1  Work 5 mins rest 5 mins
Insulation SF6 Gas
Cooling Radiator forced air cooling
Safety Working Pressure 0.35 - 0.6 Mpa
X-Ray Generator Weight(kg) 18 24 32 34
17 23 31 33
Max. Penetration (mm) 30 40 50 60
24 34 44 54
Working Conditions of X-ray Photography 1. Focus to Film: 600mm
2. Exposure time: 5 min.
3. Film: TianJin, Model III, intensified by double lead foil.
4. Treatment in the darkroom: Temp. 20 ±2ºC, 5 min. blackness ≥ 1.5. sensitivity≤2%


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