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   STG Corrugated Ceramic X Ray Tube
Ceramic X Ray Tube
Product Name:  STG Corrugated Ceramic X Ray Tube
Model:  STG Corrugated Ceramic X Ray Tube

Application::  It can be used in domestic XXG series of detector, and can also substitute E7598, I-670R2, E-7599, I-870A and E-7536 ceramic X-ray tubes.


Brief Introduction:  The corrugated ceramic X-Ray Tube developed by our company is a basic device for assemble portable X-Ray detectors both in domestic and overseas. It has the advantages of small size, long operating life, strong impact resistance, strong transillumination ability and good imaging quality, etc.

Ceramic X Ray Tube
Specifications of YUSHI STG Corrugated Ceramic X Ray Tube
Model Test Condition STG-2505G STG-3005G STG-3505G
STG-2505H STG-3005H STG-3505H
STG-2505HZ STG-3005HZ STG-3505HZ
Rated Tube Voltage Positive Pulse 250KV 300KV 350KV
Rated Tube Current 5mA
Peak Inverse Voltage Negative Pulse 150KVP
Max. Filament Current Valid Value 4.0 A

Focus Size

Pinhole Imaging Method 2.0×2.0 2.5×2.5 2.5×3.0
1.0×1.9 1.0×2.4 1.5×3.0
1.0×2.0 1.0×2.5 1.5×3.0
X - Ray Radiation Angle Directional 40°
Panoramic Flat Target 25°× 360°
Panoramic Cone Target 40°× 360°
Dimension Directional φ132×193 φ132×203 φ132×213
Panoramic Flat Target φ132×203 φ132×213 φ132×223
Panoramic Cone Target φ132×203 φ132×213 φ132×223
X Ray Window Size Directional φ18
Panoramic Flat Target 12
Panoramic Cone Target 14
Weight Directional 3.6 3.8 4.0
Panoramic Flat Target 3.5 3.7 3.9
Panoramic Cone Target 3.5 3.7 3.8
Sealing Groove Size φ126×120×2.5
Mounting Hole Center φ110 6-M5 General Distribution
Target Material Tungsten
Anode Diameter φ46
Insulation SF6 Gas (0.35 - 0.6 Mpa)
Cooling Radiator forced air cooling
Service Life ≥ 500 hours


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